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Adi Bensmaia

Cape Prod Afrika was established in 1993, and is owned and managed hands-on by French-born Adi Bensmaia.

Adi spent many years working as a photographer in Paris, before arriving in South Africa in 1992. It wasn’t long before he realized the immense production potential of the beautiful city of Cape Town, particularly in terms of the array of locations, quality of light, infrastructure, and value for money.

Within a year, he established Cape Prod Afrika, which is today one of the longest running and most respected production companies in Cape Town, with a long list of repeat local and international clients.

Because of his background in the industry, Adi has always had a special flair for taking a brief and understanding a storyboard, as well as for finding the perfect location, the best crew, the most experienced artists and the right cast for a specific production.

Our team

With 17 years of experience in the industry and more than 300 successful productions under its belt, Cape Prod Afrika offers a truly professional and friendly working environment to our clients.  

Our passionate team of personally trained production managers and coordinators, and highly experienced administrative and accounting staff are the key to the smooth running of your production!

Our many years of relationship-building, resourcing, art buying and Cape hospitability enable us to offer a comprehensive list of professional services.