A world in a one country!

South Africa, and especially Cape Town, offers a vast variety of locations within a relatively small area. Whether your shoot requires streets, boulevards, modern or old city buildings, modern houses, leafy suburban streets, industrial settings, sea sides, harbours, fishing villages, white sand beaches, crystal blue oceans, beach houses, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, forest, hills, deserts, white sand dunes, farms, vineyards, safari-type bushland, game lodges, upmarket hotels or rickety shacks, Cape Town has it all!

A further benefit is the South African climate. Of course, when it is winter in Europe or North America, it is summer in South Africa, and Cape Town boasts an average of 10 hours of sunlight a day between October and April.

And being on the same longitude as some major European cities, there is almost no time difference between Europe and South Africa; not having to deal with jetlag is a real plus when travelling a long distance!